Course description

This hands on course focuses on the use of Bayesian phylogenetics in paleobiology. You will learn about approaches used to infer trees, divergence times, and evolutionary rates.

The course will take place in the summer semester Tuesdays 14:00-16:00 CET in person at Henke Str.

The first part of the course will feature a mix of lectures and tutorials. The course will focus on getting to grips with the software RevBayes. By the end of the course you should understand the principles of Bayesian phylogenetic inference and be able to apply this knowledge to a research question of your choosing. You will also learn how to apply phylogenetic comparative methods using R.

During the second part of the course each participant will work on a project of their choice.

Course instructors: Rachel Warnock, Emma Dunne, Laura Mulvey and Tim Brandler.

Course evaluation

At the end of the course you should produce a short report based on your research findings. You will be provided with clear guidelines. The deadline for the report is Friday 26th of July.

Note: “Phylogenetics” is graded together with “Introduction to Statistical Modelling”. Course code: RL-V3 MPP.

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This course draws on material and exercises produced by Paul Lewis, Tracy Heath, Joëlle Bardio-Sottani, April Wright, Walker Pett, Joshua Justison, Sebastian Höhna, and many other RevBayesian community contributors. Thanks to Joël Koelewijn for feedback on the course content.